Our areas of expertise include:

  • Wellness/Life coaching
  • Personal Training
  • Massage Therapy
  • Balance Training
  • Body Toning & Sculpting
  • Circuit Training
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Traditional Strength Training
  • Women’s Health
  • Young Adult/Youth Fitness


"People who worked out more than 100 days throughout the year had a 30 percent reduction in sick days." Training, Feb 2008

Personal Training


           Peak Wellness Personal Training




       With Peak Wellness Coaching you will get a personalized training program, designed around the goals you wish to fulfill.  Whether you’re training for a specific sport or event, or overall fitness in general, we will get you there. Regardless if your program is functional, sport specific or post rehab, it will be motivational and fun. It will give you ideas, make you stronger and empower you to be creative in achieving your fitness goals.



Personal Training Is:


Designed for you



Result producing

Individual or semi-private


It is easier to be ready than get ready.






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